SUSE Linux Powers World’s Fastest Supercomputer

I am continually amazed at how Linux has become the go to operating system for large-scale systems. I have always encouraged system administrators to start learning Linux, as I believe this is the future of computing.

Bret Dayley writes on the SUSE Linux Blog

SUSE’s partnership with HPE Cray dates back to the early 1990s, pre HPE’s acquisition of Cray, and the entire time SUSE has been collaborating on Cray OS – a specialized version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Working together, we’ve created a specialized low-jitter OS enhanced for high performance computing that is particularly small in footprint. And HPE Cray OS includes reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features such as services to verify compute nodes run efficiently with integrated performance testing and hardware reporting. Integrated node health service means users can validate compute nodes prior to application launch to help maximize use of available resources.

What Linux distro do you run? I am a fan of Fedora for the desktop and Red Hat Linux or Rocky Linux on the server side.