The AI Revolution Just Got a Whole Lot More Accessible

Any time I find free resources, I do my best to share it with the community. Here are eight free courses provided by NVIDIA that I think you will find useful.

Nikos Vaggalis writes for I Programmer

NVIDIA has jumped on the AI bandwagon in a big way. Hardware aside, this means working on training material too. Several self- paced courses have been released and for free too!

  1. Generative AI Explained
  2. Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano
  3. Building A Brain in 10 Minutes
  4. Building Video AI Applications at the Edge on Jetson Nano
  5. Augment your LLM Using Retrieval Augmented Generation
  6. Building RAG Agents with LLMs
  7. Accelerate Data Science Workflows with Zero Code Changes
  8. Introduction to AI in the Data Center

I am looking forward to getting started with an Introduction to AI in the Data Centre and building from there. If you find have found a free course or resource that you think will be useful, share it with the community. Ping me on X and let me know.