The Day Google Stood Strong: Conquering the Biggest Online Threat

Pretty crazy distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on a Google customer. This attack ramped up to 46 million requests per second (rps). Can your organization handle that amount? This is a reminder to reflect on your own organization's security posture.

Liam Tung writing at ZDnet

Over the course of 69 minutes beginning at 9:45 am PT, the attackers bombarded its customer's HTTP/S Load Balancer with HTTPS requests, starting at 10,000 rps and within minutes scaling up to 100,000 rps before peaking at a whopping 46 million rps. 

Google says it is the largest ever attack at Layer 7, referring to the application layer — the top layer — in the OSI model of the Internet.

Google is reporting that the attack came from 5,256 source IP addresses across 132 countries. Cloudfare had a similar attack, and it was 26 million rps attack.