The Myth of the 'Hustle and Grind': Why Rest is the Real Key to Achievement

I have always struggled with taking time away from work.

As it turns out, to be effective you need to take time to recover. To really recharge so that when you get back to work you can engage fully.

Learned Excellence by Eric Potterat and Alan Eagle.

Recovery can be anything that gives you pleasure and peace while not activating your stress response: taking the kids for ice cream, cooking a meal with a partner, walking the dog, strolling through a park or the woods. These are all things that fit the bill, activities where there’s no pressure, judgment, competition, or anxiety.

This year, I intend to make the time to enjoy the things around me and not be held captive to my phone. For all it's good, there is a harmful side to all these mobile devices.

One thing I plan on doing is taking more walks while playing podcasts or listening to music. I want to listen to the birds, hear the cars, and just immerse myself in my surrounding. I hope you do so the same.