This is my 4th iPad Keyboard, and I’ve Found The One

Many of you know I’m an Apple fan, and I love my iPad. My current iPad is an iPad Air – this is what the iPad should have been when it was first launched, that would have saved me a lot of money. It’s thin, light, and powerful. This is not my first iPad, though; I did have an iPad 3rd generation.

I almost went out and bought an iPad Air 2, but when you compare the checkboxes, for me at least, the iPad Air is just fine. One accessory that I’ve had with my iPads is a keyboard, I don’t like typing on the screen and wanted a real keyboard.

My first keyboard for the iPad 3 was the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and I loved it. It protected my iPad, allowed me to type a lot faster, and just felt right when working on it. The keys were very sturdy, and the construction was durable.

When I purchased my iPad Air, I couldn’t use that keyboard, it was just not designed for it. Now, for those of you that think that iPad and keyboard went on the shelves never to be used again – think once more, I passed it over to my niece. She is one lucky girl; she inherits all the technology toys I don’t use anymore.

The keys on this keyboard are in the wrong places

I then bought a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio; I thought this was a replacement for the earlier Ultrathin keyboard, but I was wrong. To make the keyboard smaller, they doubled up on several keys. At first, I didn’t think about that, but over time it bothered me. It made the keyboard feel weird, and I had to stop and look at the keys I was hitting, this slowed me down.

I was on the hunt for a new keyboard, and I thought I would try something different. This time, I purchased a Logitech Key-To-Go keyboard. I attempted to like it. I did like how thin it was, and that I could have the keyboard on my lap or further from the iPad than needed. But it just did not feel right. The keys felt strange, the keyboard would move as I’d type, and I did not like the fabric the keyboard was made from – it got dirty quick. One item to note – is that Logitech seems to have gone away from the doubling up on keys, this keyboard had back to its usual layout.

Finally, the only keyboard I’ll ever need, for now

So I was on the lookout for a new keyboard, this time I wanted something similar to the first keyboard I had, which was an all-in-one (keyboard and stand). I think I found a winner, the Logitech Canvas Keyboard Case for iPad Air. This thing feels good when typing, does not move, is an all-in-one, and has a regular keyboard. I love it.

The keys are well-spaced, the keyboard has many iOS shortcuts, they are very convenient, it’s Bluetooth and, from my understanding, has a four-year battery life. If you are still reading my blog in four years, thank you! And I will have an update on the battery life – so stay tuned.

I know what you’re going to say – I’ve spent far too much on keyboards. But if I want the iPad to be a production tool, then I need to be comfortable. At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

What type of keyboard do you use for your iPad? Let me know on Twitter, and thanks for reading.