The Admin in Your Pocket – Troubleshooting vSphere Storage

The Admin in Your Pocket – Troubleshooting vSphere Storage

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Mike Preston has written a timely book for VMware admins called Troubleshooting vSphere Storage. Storage plays a central role in a virtualization platform, so any guidance on improving your storage knowledge is a bonus – and this book delivers.

The book is a real deep dive on techniques and practical troubleshooting tips, to help you diagnose and resolve issues, as they happen and take proactive steps in discovering potential issues. Check out this free sample chapter – Commonly Used Tools for Troubleshooting Storage.

Whats in the Book?

A quick overview of the book:

  • Identify key issues that affect vSphere storage visibility, performance, and capacity
  • Comprehend the storage metrics and statistics that are collected in vSphere
  • Get acquainted with the many vSphere features that can proactively protect your environment

For those of you that love the command line, you will not be disappointed. Mike has listed tons of CLI commands to help you narrow down your issues. I also like that Appendix B – Overview of ESXTOP’s interactive commands, lists useful commands for those not familiar with ESXTOP.

Why you need this Book

Modern IT departments, sometimes have way too many technology silos, you need to communicate with other departments in terms they understand. Troubleshooting vSphere Storage will help you as you and your storage team work on issues to improve and deliver the best vSphere platform possible.

Added Bonus

As I was reading this book, I thought, topics covered in here could also help folks that are studying for their VCAP-DCA. It’s a great complement to the storage objectives.

Great job Mike! Folks, considering getting a copy for yourself and maybe someone on your storage team. Let me know on Twitter how the book has helped you in your day to day of managing a vSphere environment.