Unleash Your Inner Genius with Einstein's 7 Rules for Life!

Although I am not a fan of following anyone's 5 or 7 or 12 steps to living a worthwhile life, I do like to review and get a sense of what folks consider important.

Ethan Siegel shares quotes from the book The Einstein Effect

I do like Rule #3, thinking about problems as puzzles

Think about the problems that we face, both as individuals and collectively, as a civilization. These could be financial, environmental, health-related, or political, for example, as those arenas affect us all. Do you view these problems as crises? If you do, you probably feel despair at them, as there’s very little that’s empowering about facing a crisis. But if you view them as a puzzle, you might be inclined to think about a fresh approach to solving them. In this regard, Einstein was pretty much the prototype individual for someone who viewed every difficulty he faced as a puzzle to be solved: in physics and beyond.

This can really put you into a different frame of mind and one ready for finding solutions. I'm not saying this will make you into an Einstein, but it's sure interesting to get into his mind.