Upgrade Your Home Setup with Lightning-Fast USB4 Network for Less

Nice explanation and build out of a homelab. In the past, I've used Intel NUCs in my homelab and they worked great. But I never mapped out the power consumption, and I like the thinking process in this blog.

Fang-Pen Lin on Fang-Pen's coding note

To reduce the cost of my AWS cloud service, I recently decided to move some less mission-critical services into my bare-metal servers. Therefore, I got to learn how to build a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster and set up the network for it. After some research, trial, and error, I finally built and ran a relatively low-cost cluster with a high-speed full-mesh interconnected network. The most interesting part is that the networking is based on a USB4 ethernet bridge instead of a conventional ethernet switch and cables. I tested the network speed, and it can hit 11Gbps. The cost of making the network is only $47.98 USD! Today, I would like to share my experience of building it.

I also used Netgear switches, But I like what she did in her homelab with the networking componet. Every so often I overthink the homelab layout and think I need 'all the things' but I am now building for just my use case. This gets me started more quickly.