VMware GSX and ESX Bring Virtualization to Intel Servers

VMware has now entered the server space with VMware GSX and ESX server software that will run on a hosted machine and bare metal. Get ready for the virtualization tsunami. I can see how this will lower costs through server consolidation and bring flexibility to IT teams.

According to the VMware Press Release:

VMware GSX Server helps customers achieve mainframe-class control on Intel servers and VMware ESX Server is a highly scalable product for high-performance server environments that adds mainframe-class resource and system management capabilities.

VMware will ship a version of the GSX Server that runs on servers with Linux operating systems in January 2001 and a version of GSX Server for servers with the Windows NT operating system in the second quarter of 2001. Both versions of the GSX Server enable customers to deploy Windows and/or Linux operating systems in virtual machines.

VMware will ship ESX Server in limited quantities in the first quarter of 2001. ESX Server does not require a host operating system and can also be used to deploy Windows and/or Linux operating systems in virtual machines.

The ESX version excites me the most. Not requiring a host operating system and installing ESX directly on the hardware, I suspect we will see performance improvements. I am also expecting that we will save on Windows server licenses.

What do you think of this news? Are you thinking about how virtualization will fit into your IT plans? Please let me know, and thanks for reading.