VMware Hybrid Cloud Service

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On April 2, 2014 RightScale which provides a suite of solutions that enables enterprises to manage applications across public, private, and virtualized environments, published a report called RightScale 2014 State of the Cloud Report, which provides some interesting insights into the Cloud market place. They interviewed 1068 professionals from a broad section of organizations.

You can download and read the report for yourself, but I wanted to highlight a few items from their findings that I thought were interesting.

  • 94 percent of organizations surveyed are running applications or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service.
  • 87 percent of organizations are using public cloud.
  • 74 percent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy and more than half of those are already using both public and private cloud.
  • Next-generation IT shapes up as Cloud + DevOps + Self-Service IT. Cloud-focused companies embrace DevOps (71 percent) and Self-Service IT (68 percent).
Rightscale 2014 Cloud Report

VMware Hybrid Cloud Strategy

I think the results of the survey, re-affirm VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy as 74 percent of respondents have a hybrid cloud strategy. It was exciting to see VMware’s Hybrid Cloud rank second on the Top Public Cloud Used. At VMworld 2013, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger in a Executive Roundtable, panel discussion re-enforced the concept of a Hybrid Cloud for the future of IT.

VMworld 2013 Executive Roundtable

Next Gen IT: Cloud + DevOps + Self-Service

Configuration management, automation and orchestration are creating a new breed of IT admin for the cloud model. This new breed of IT Admin will break down silos within traditional IT organizations and deliver on business outcome much more quickly. Provisioning in a software defined data centre (isn’t that what the cloud really is?), will become the new normal. A new skill set is need to move beyond the traditional IT mindset.

The survey also pointed out that automation tools are on the rise, Puppet and Chef are the leaders in this category, but I am sure there are other products that you folks use. Recall last year, VMware made a substantial invest in puppet, (VMware Invests $30 Million In Puppet Labs).

Rightscale 2014 Cloud Report

The cloud will change the way IT operates, the slow moving traditional model is broken, and delivering on business outcomes with a more agile model is key to the future of staying responsive and using IT to improve business effectiveness and efficiency, not just manage costs.

Its a great document, I’m sure you can make your own conclusions, I recommend downloading it and sharing your thoughts on Twitter and as always, thanks for reading!