New VMware Integrated OpenStack 5

New VMware Integrated OpenStack 5

VMware Integrated OpenStack 5 based on the OpenStack Queens release with OpenStack “In a Box” for 5G and Edge Computing.

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This week at the OpenStack Summit taking place in Vancouver, VMware announced VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) 5, and will be available in telco carrier and data center editions. This version is based on the OpenStack Queens release which was generally available on Feb. 28.

VMware integrated OpenStack is a VMware supported OpenStack distro that is suited for IT pro’s to run on top of a VMware environment.

If you are currently using an earlier version of VIO – you should be able to use OpenStack’s built-in upgrade features to move to the latest version. This is not a feature I’ve tried but something to consider since the option is available.

One feature in particular that VMware Integrated OpenStack-Carrier Edition addresses is the following:

OpenStack “In a Box” for 5G and Edge Computing: small footprint and highly resilient micro data center form factor will enable deployment “in a box” for 5G and edge computing. Customers will have full control over these micro data centers and apps at the edge via automated API-driven orchestration and lifecycle management.

The solution will help tackle enterprise use cases such as utilities, oil and gas drilling platforms, point-of-sale applications, security cameras, and manufacturing plants and Telco oriented use cases such Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), latency sensitivity VNF deployments, and operational support systems (OSS).

Some new capabilities include:

  • Massive Scale: run up 500 hosts and 15,000 VMs in a single region, and will introduce support for multiple regions at once with monitoring and metrics at scale.
  • High Availability for Mission-Critical Workloads: create snapshots, clones and backups of attached volumes to dramatically improve VM and application uptime via enhancements to the Cinder volume driver.
  • Unified Virtualized Environment: ability to deploy and run both VM and container workloads on a single virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) and with a single network fabric based on VMware NSX-T Data Center. This architecture will enable customers to seamlessly deploy hybrid workloads where some components run in containers while others run in VMs.

My understanding is that VMware Integrated OpenStack 5 is expected to be available by the end of VMware’s Q2 FY2019 which ends on August 3, 2018.

To get up to speed on what was announced on day one of the summit – check out our friends from theCUBEStu Miniman and John Mark Troyer as they give you a personal view on what was shared.

OpenStack Summit 2018

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