VMware Tanzu Community Edition

VMware has released VMware Tanzu community edition today, it’s a free and open-source distribution of Tanzu. This is a great way for those interested in Tanzu to get started with Kubernetes.

According to Amanda Katona on the VMware Tanzu blog

Just this morning we released VMware Tanzu Community Edition, a freely available, community-supported, open source distribution of VMware Tanzu that you can install and configure in minutes on your local workstation or your favorite cloud. This release is big news for us, and exciting news for you too! You can now easily access a full-featured, easy-to-manage Kubernetes platform that’s perfect for users and learners alike.

Keeping your skills current and in-demand is always challenging, especially when you don’t have the most current software in your home lab. This will change all that. One thing that caught my eye was that there are no limitations on the software (full-featured) in terms of scaling or licensing, so you won’t have to worry about the product not working in 30 days. This is not a trial version, but a complete and free version.

If you are interested in Kubernetes, but unsure how to get started, I would download Tanzu community edition and give it a go. Spend time with your developers and work with them to get an understanding of how this can help you and them deliver on business outcomes. Be sure to also share any lessons with your broader IT team and IT management, let them know how you think this will help.

Community support is a big part of this release, so be sure to share any challenges, issues, but most importantly, any successes you have had with Tanzu community edition.

Have you already downloaded VMware Tanzu community edition? Do you have it running in a homelab or developer environment? What has you excited about Tanzu community edition? Please let me know on Twitter, and thanks for reading.