VMware Tanzu’s Memorable Year

Boy does time fly. The past year has provided organizations time to evaluate and prioritize their app development. Cloud native, containers, and Kubernetes have all changed the way we develop modern apps today. That change needs to also coincide with infrastructure changes. VMware Tanzu enables the modernization of your applications and infrastructure.

From the VMware Tanzu blog

Against this backdrop, VMware Tanzu has hit several milestones, simplifying a complex ecosystem of technologies that underpin app modernization. In 12 months, we’ve seen strong customer traction, with the Tanzu customer count growing over 25 percent year over year, including the addition of organizations such as Dish and the United States Space Force. We’ve forged technology and services partnerships to deliver customer impact, both on-premises and in the cloud, while expanding our Master Services Competency—ensuring future customers derive value from the Tanzu portfolio.


VMware expands the Tanzu product portfolio with VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition and with a focus on DevSecOps. Three focus areas for Tanzu Advanced:

Patricia Johnson on the VMware Tanzu Blog

Developer velocity – Enables developers to spend more time coding by automating container sourcing and builds as well as providing self-service access to environments. Shorter development cycles drive more innovation to market.

Security from code to customer – Can boost your security posture with source code provenance, automated updates and scanning, consistent policy and access control across all clusters, as well as secure connectivity between services.

Operator efficiency – Makes it simple for operators to centrally manage a few or a few hundred Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds, and get full observability into the health and performance of clusters across clouds

Congrats VMware Tanzu on a very successful year. The new year should bring with it some new milestones and a lot more adoption.

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