VMware Wins Over Google

This is great news for VMware, looks like Google has taken a liking and will start using their software to run different operating systems simultaneously. This should save Google loads of money. We know startups need to stretch their cash as long as they can.

According to a VMware Press Release:

Palo Alto, Calif., March 13, 2000– VMware, Inc. today announced that Google, Inc., one of the fastest growing search destination sites on the World Wide Web, has decided to deploy VMware software to develop for multi-platform environments and to access applications on multiple operating systems.

Before deploying VMware’s software, Google developers had to use a bank of test computers, each dedicated to running a specific operating system and browser combination. Google then installed VMware and configured virtual machines with the same operating system and browser combinations as the bank of test computers had. Since multiple virtual machines can run on one machine, Google developers were able to perform the same tests as before without ever having to leave their desks.

When Google begins to praise your technology you know you are on to something really cool. Way to go VMware, lets see where this leads. What do you think of this news? Let me know.