VMware Workloads running in Google Cloud Platform

You can now run VMware workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation in Google Cloud. This is another step in becoming a true multicloud player. This solution will use VMware vSphere, NSX and vSAN software deployed on a platform administered by CloudSimple for GCP. I am hoping to see more VMware workloads move to GCP, I think its a powerful platform. But I also suspect that at some point it wont matter to the admin which cloud they are operating as we move to a multicloud world.

Thomas Kurian shares on the Google Cloud Blog

Today, we’re excited to announce that Google Cloud will begin supporting VMware workloads. It’s another significant step as we strive to better serve our enterprise customers

Both Google Cloud and VMware believe that customers want to run workloads in the cloud that works best for them. At Google Cloud, we are committed to offering solutions that let our customers to do just that. Customers have asked us to provide broad support for VMware, and now with Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple, our customers will be able to run VMware vSphere-based workloads in GCP. This brings customers a wide breadth of choices for how to run their VMware workloads in a hybrid deployment, from modern containerized applications with Anthos to VM-based applications with VMware in GCP.

I know most folks were excited about the VMware on AWS announcements and progress but I think each cloud has its own benefits. Google Cloud is an excellent choice for those that want differentiate from AWS. Google Cloud has a solid history of performance and scale along with its leading data analytics, AI and ML capabilities.

It will be interesting to see how this relationship develops over time. I would really like to hear what you think about this announcement. Is this something you will be considering for your environment? Is a multicloud design something your team deems important? Let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.