vSphere 7 Performance Best Practices Guide

vSphere 7 Performance Best Practices Guide

Are you planning a vSphere 7 deployment? Read the Performance Best Practices Guide for vSphere 7 first to get on the right track

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I was waiting for this, it’s the Performance Best Practices Guide for vSphere 7.0. It’s a good document to review as it helps vSphere admins get the most out of their vSphere 7 environments. You want to ensure you plan and configure your deployments to the accepted standards from VMware. This document covers a variety of topics.

Julie Brodeur writes in the VMware VROOM! Performance Blog topics include:

Persistent memory (PMem), including using PMem with NUMA and vNUMA

Getting the best performance from NVMe and NVME-oF storage

AMD EPYC processor NUMA settings

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) 2.0

Automatic space reclamation (UNMAP)

Host-Wide performance tuning (aka, “dense mode”)

Power management settings

Hardware-assisted virtualization

Storage hardware considerations

Network hardware considerations

Memory page sharing

Getting the best performance from iSCSI and NFS storage

vSphere virtual machine encryption recommendations

Running storage latency-sensitive workloads

Running network latency-sensitive workloads

Network I/O Control (NetIOC)

DirectPath I/O

Microsoft Virtualization-Based Security (VBS)

Selecting virtual network adapters

vCenter database considerations

The vSphere HTML5 Client

VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager

VMware vSAN performance

I’ve read past versions of this document and you can really learn a lot. It’s a quick read and it can help you think through many of your assumptions and design choices. It contains four chapters, which cover:

  • Chapter 1, “Hardware for Use with VMware vSphere,” provides guidance on selecting hardware for use with vSphere.
  • Chapter 2, “ESXi and Virtual Machines,” provides guidance regarding VMware ESXi™ software and the virtual machines that run in it.
  • Chapter 3, “Guest Operating Systems,” provides guidance regarding the guest operating systems running in vSphere virtual machines.
  • Chapter 4, “Virtual Infrastructure Management,” provides guidance regarding infrastructure management best practices.

What are some of your go to documents from VMware? Let me know on Twitter if you took a glance at this document and how it helped you.