vSphere Resource Management Essentials

Many of you know Jonathan Frappier from his tireless work on the vBrownbag, community involvement and excellent blog. But did you know he is also an author?, yes that’s right – he wrote a book called VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials from Packt Publishing. It was released in February 2014.

Understand how ESXi manages resources

It’s a great book for people that are new to virtualization and for those that want to dive deeper on topics that they seldom touch. There is a lot of information jammed into this book, and it’s a quick read. You will find yourself referencing these resources many times.

This book covers the following area’s:

Jonathan touches on all the major topics, from what is a vSphere host to automating resource management and Power CLI basics. This book connects the dots for many who are interested in vSphere.

I would recommend getting a copy or two for colleagues at the office, and if you have not started on your virtualization journey, this would be a good book for your management level folks to read.

Easy to read and super useful

Please let me know if you have purchased a copy and what you thought about the book, on Twitter, follow Jonathan Frappier on Twitter if you have any questions and as always, thanks for reading.