vSphere Virtual Machine Service for Developers

VMware made available vSphere Virtual Machine Service. VMware is doing everything, currently, to make their platform, developer-ready.

Glen Simon writes on the VMware vSphere Blog

Today we are excited to announce the immediate availability of the vSphere Virtual Machine Service (VM Service). Included in the vSphere 7 Update 2a release, the VM Service enables Kubernetes-native provisioning and management of virtual machines, for developers running modern apps on vSphere with Tanzu. The VM Service allows a developer (or any DevOps, platform operations, or Kubernetes user) to deploy and manage virtual machines using Kubernetes standard APIs, while simultaneously allowing the IT administrator to govern resource consumption and service availability.

VMware is trying to make the vSphere environment familiar to developers. Giving them the confidence to deploy their applications using the toolset they work in every day. I think this is a great move as it distributes ownership across different teams, allows developers to self-provision and deploy VMs as needed.

Is this something you think you will be using? Are you using it already? What has your experience been like so far? Let me know on Twitter and thanks for reading.