Weekend Musings: Brief Brilliance for Your Saturday (April 6)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

Four Takeaways on the Race to Amass Data for A.I. - The New York Times To make artificial intelligence systems more powerful, tech companies need online data to feed the technology. Here’s what to know.

Google considering charge for internet searches with AI, reports say Artificial intelligence (AI) The Guardian Google is reportedly drawing up plans to charge for AI-enhanced search features, in what would be the biggest shake-up to the company’s revenue model in its history.

Fourteen LLMs fight it out in Street Fighter III — AI showdown finds out which models make the best street fighters. Tom's Hardware A new artificial intelligence (AI) benchmark based on the classic arcade title Street Fighter III was devised at the Mistral AI hackathon in San Francisco last week. The open-source LLM Colosseum benchmark was developed by Stan Girard and Quivr Brain. The game is running in an emulator, allows the LLMs to duke it out in unconventional yet spectacular fashion.

What is AGI and how will we know when it’s been attained Fortune There’s a race underway to build artificial general intelligence, a futuristic vision of machines that are as broadly smart as humans or at least can do many things as well as people can.

How to build a developer-first company InfoWorld At my company, Descope, we are building a customer authentication and identity management product, meaning the end user and the developer are two sides of the same coin. Providing a great developer experience—by enabling our customers to easily add auth flows and user management to their apps—leads to a great end-user experience as the customer’s customers seamlessly and securely log in.