Weekend Musings: Brief Brilliance for Your Saturday (July 6)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

How I manage books and summaries in Obsidian In this article, I explain how I now manage books and summaries in Obsidian. I discuss why I've switched from Goodreads to Obsidian, and why it's a great improvement to my Knowledge Management system.

QFM024: Irresponsible AI Reading List June 2024 The June edition of the Irresponsible AI Reading List starts with a critique of AI’s potential for exaggerated promises in science and academia then heads over to look at the societal implications of AI-driven job automation and privacy concerns.

ChatGPT just (accidentally) shared all of its secret rules – here's what we learned ChatGPT has inadvertently revealed a set of internal instructions embedded by OpenAI to a user who shared what they discovered on Reddit. OpenAI has since shut down the unlikely access to its chatbot's orders, but the revelation has sparked more discussion about the intricacies and safety measures embedded in the AI's design.

Nvidia has far outstripped the market cap of AMD and Intel So now that Nvidia has far outstripped the market cap of AMD and Intel, I thought this would be a fun story to tell. I spent 6+yrs @ AMD engg in mid to late 2000s helping design the CPU/APU/GPUs that we see today. Back then it was unimaginable for AMD to beat Intel in market-cap (we did in 2020!) and for Nvidia to beat both! In fact, AMD almost bought Nvidia but Jensen wasn’t ready to sell unless he replace Hector Ruiz of AMD as the CEO of the joint company.

Intel And AMD Are Going For A Bigger Role In The AI Era, But At A Gradual Pace Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) undoubtedly had an early lead in the AI chip race, but its rivals are doing their best to challenge its dominance. After more than one failed attempt to discreetly enter the GPU arena, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), the largest producer of PC and server CPUs, might be slow but seems to be playing the long game.

Have a wonderful weekend!