Weekend Musings: Brief Brilliance for Your Saturday (March 16)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

Getting Things Done In A Chaotic Environment One of the first things my CEO told me is that things move fast, so you have to get things done as completely as possible and move on to the next thing. I think about that advice a lot, and I find myself telling people that same thing again and again.

3 AI Tools to Boost Your Productivity 4x In my almost 10 years as a data science and artificial intelligence (AI) expert, I’ve witnessed the evolution of AI up close. Like many people, I have been told that eventually my job will become obsolete because AI will replace me. While I never believed this previously, global organizations increasingly trust important tasks to AI, and media speculation is growing that AI will take over the world.

Google I/O 2024 is happening on May 14th Google’s next I/O developer conference will kick off exactly two months from now on May 14th. Just like last year, the I/O 2024 keynote will be “broadcast in front of a limited live audience” and available for anyone to watch virtually.

Open source is not insecure Every study I see suggests that between 90% and 98% of the world’s software is open source. We’re all taking code written by other people—standing on the shoulders of giants—and building and modifying all that code, implicitly trusting every author, maintainer, and contributor that’s come before us.

Earth Received a Message Laser-Beamed From 10 Million Miles Away in NASA Test Eventually, we're going to want to expand the World Wide Web across the galaxy, and NASA recently demonstrated a key piece of tech that could help, beaming messages via laser across a distance of almost 16 million kilometers (10 million miles).