Weekend Musings: Brief Brilliance for Your Saturday (March 2)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

Sam Altman on the future of AI In a session called "Technology in a Turbulent World," the OpenAI CEO explained where he sees AI heading.

How Nvidia Came to Rule AI This week we chart the rise of Nvidia, the company whose chips, servers, and data centers have fueled the growth of artificial intelligence.

Arm Eyes AI with Its Latest Neoverse Cores and Subsystems The offerings give software developers more reason to build apps for the microarchitecture, but porting isn’t easy.

Manager of managers — Outcomes over output As you grow senior in your role as an engineering leader a shift starts occurring. You start being measured on the ‘outcomes’ you deliver, rather than the ‘output’.

Are Copilots Ready to Provision Your Infrastructure? How can we introduce standardization and best practices to achieve more automation in our infrastructure deployment pipelines?