Weekend Musings: Brief Brilliance for Your Saturday (March 30)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

8BitDo’s $100 wireless mechanical keyboard is a tribute to Commodore 64 The Commodore 64 introduced a generation of future computer geeks to personal computing. The 8-bit system first launched in 1982 and was discontinued in 1994. During that time, it made its mark as one of the first and most influential personal computers, and many still remember the computer fondly.

Urgent security alert for Fedora Linux 40 and Fedora Rawhide users Yesterday, Red Hat Information Risk and Security and Red Hat Product Security learned that the latest versions of the “xz” tools and libraries contain malicious code that appears to be intended to allow unauthorized access. Specifically, this code is present in versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 of the libraries. Fedora Linux 40 users may have received version 5.6.0, depending on the timing of system updates. Fedora Rawhide users may have received version 5.6.0 or 5.6.1. This vulnerability was assigned CVE-2024-3094.

Databricks releases most powerful open LLM yet Databricks has muscled onto the LLM main stage with the release of DBRX, the most powerful open model out there yet, benchmarks suggest.

11 ways to get better feedback from your manager When people don’t get enough feedback from their manager, they often think, “My manager must be too busy.”

4 essential tactics for honing your leadership language Every leader wants to give that speech. With victory all but out of reach, they want their words to rouse the team’s emotions and inspire them to overcome the the odds. You can practically hear the music swelling just thinking about it.