Weekend Whispers: Quick Insights for Your Saturday (February 24)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

Sam Altman Seeking Trillions Of Dollars For New AI Venture The executive is currently trying to woo investors, including the United Arab Emirates government, the Wall Street Journal reports, to raise up to $7 trillion for an AI hardware venture.

6 ways leaders can excel with a “fear-embracing mindset” Leadership often revolves around steering teams through challenges, driving innovation, and navigating uncharted territories. However, at the core of these responsibilities lies an often-neglected yet powerful ally — fear.

VMware admits sweeping Broadcom changes are worrying customers Broadcom has made a lot of changes to VMware since closing its acquisition of the company in November. On Wednesday, VMware admitted that these changes are worrying customers. With customers mulling alternatives and partners complaining, VMware is trying to do damage control and convince people that change is good.

Building a unified hybrid cloud strategy with Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization As we all know, IT costs are in constant motion, as companies are either looking to reduce costs to operate more efficiently or to migrate to the latest modern technology in hopes of improving productivity across the organization. OpenShift Virtualization can help achieve those goals.

Getting Things Done with LogSeq I was first introduced to the concept of “second-brain” from Tobi Lutke, the founder of Shopify. The topic started because someone asked whether he still codes - now that he is a founder of such a large company. Tobi went on to explain that he spent the weekend writing some code to customise Logseq to his preferences, and that he’s an active member of the Logseq community.