Weekend Whispers: Quick Insights for Your Saturday (February 3)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

Google Cloud's US$37B run rate, record profit and Gemini: 5 Google earnings takeaways Google Cloud bested Wall Street expectations by generating over US$9.1 billion in revenue during its fourth quarter 2023 as the cloud giant reported its most profitable quarter in company history.

How to Start a Startup Recommended Readings, to be read before watching the lecture from Sam Altman

Cloud migration is still a pain A recent survey is telling us what most of us already know. Cloud migrations are complex, expensive, and often need to be more successful. Perhaps it’s time we stopped digging a migration hole and learned to do better.

Tim Cook confirms Apple’s generative AI features are coming ‘later this year’ During Apple’s quarterly earnings call on Thursday afternoon, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the company is working on generative AI software features that will make their way to customers “later this year.”

Six cloud security trends we’re watching in 2024 According to Security Today, global cloud spending is expected to grow more than 20% in 2024 as more organizations implement a cloud-first approach. As assets increasingly shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, we expect security strategies to be top-of-mind as threat actors continue to look for vulnerabilities to exploit across interconnected cloud deployments.