Weekend Whispers: Quick Insights for Your Saturday (January 20)

Here is a quick run down of some stories that I found interesting during the week.

Announcing Project Bluefin Bluefin is a custom image of Fedora Silverblue by a bunch of cloud-native nerds. We want a reliable desktop experience that runs everything but we're too lazy to maintain anything. So we automated the entire delivery pipeline in GitHub.

The Best Way to Learn Online? Be a Lurker But being a sneakbrowser is also just who I am. Owing to cowardice, extraordinary shyness, or perhaps toxic masculinity (choose whichever works for you), I'd rather spy for a year than ask a direct question. This is an unfortunate quality in a journalist. The job of a journalist is to call smart people and ask them to explain things. Those people have to talk to you because it helps their careers. I find that I always slightly misunderstand what they tell me; I get the tone wrong, and then they send corrective emails that pulp my soul. I do better looking at the artifacts of a civilization than participating in it. Twitter, newsletters, Slacks, Discords: Lurking is learning.

The most damaging exercise myth Thus, Lieberman recommends that people not cut back on exercise as they age, especially strength training, which is key to maintaining motor function and bone mass. Ideally, adults over age 60 should be lifting weights two to four times per week. Studies suggest that those starting a program in old age for the first time can actually experience proportional increases in muscle mass on par with younger adults.

Elon Musk gives Tesla ultimatum: Another 12% of shares or no AI, robotics Elon Musk says his ambitions to make Tesla more than just an automaker depend on him gaining far more control over the company. The controversial CEO took to his social media platform X to say that unless he is awarded another 12 percent of the company, which would give him ownership of 25 percent of Tesla, he would be "uncomfortable growing Tesla to be a leader in AI & robotics."

Special Coverage of CES 2024: Making AI Real with Groq, aiXplain, Moxie Robot theCUBE Host Savannah Peterson sits down with three industry AI leaders to discuss the state of the revolutionary technology and how it is being implemented across the enterprise and beyond. Joining Savannah in this segment (from left to right) are Paolo Pirjanian, Founder & CEO of Embodied, Hassan Sawaf, Founder and CEO of aiXplain, and Jonathan Ross, Founder and CEO of Groq.