Why Stand-up Desks Are Making The World A Better Place

In the last couple of years, I’ve started to notice more and more folks using stand-up desks. I first heard about stand-up desks on 60 minutes I think, they were doing a profile on former U.S. Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld (WOW, I never thought I would have Donald Rumsfeld in a blog post).

The 60-minute session profiled how he worked, and they happened to mention he uses a stand-up desk and has been for years. I never heard the term before and was interested; I thought to myself, how could someone stand all day at a desk and work? They also gave a tour of his office and the stand-up desk he worked at, which, I thought, was nice. It had a traditional style to it, which I like.

Stand-up Desk Benefits May Surprise You

There a numerous health benefits associated with using a standing desk, and one that I noticed is More energy; It’s a lot harder to get sleepy at your desk if you’re standing. Posture and core strength is another one that leads to less soreness in your back and tailbone compared to sitting for eight to ten hours a day. I guess standing up is more important than we think, with even Apple adding a notice on their watch to remind you to stand up.

Here is a video that, I think, can explain it better than myself.

I knew I could not afford a desk like Donald Rumsfeld’s, so I left it and never thought about it. Then recently I started hearing more and more folks using stand-up desks, in particular, Chris Wahl wrote about his stand-up desk, elevating my Pomodoro Practices: A Stand Desk Review. It got me thinking, hey maybe it’s time I should get one, and it doesn’t need to look like Donald Rumsfeld’s this one will go up and down when needed.

I did my research and found the one I wanted, but they didn’t ship to Canada. Happens all the time – time to re-evaluate. So I found a couple of reviews online regarding the Ikea desk. I drove down to my nearest Ikea and what do you know – it looked great and was just what I required. It was affordable, $599 CDN (… compared to other desks, this one is easy on the wallet).

Things To Consider When Using A Stand-up Desk

Two things to consider when using a stand-up desk, and this is advice from others in the community. Chris Wahl suggested that I get a stand-up desk that has a memory controller that is programmable to your desired height. The desk I bought from Ikea does not have a programmable controller, so I am always struggling with getting the desk at the right height.

The other suggestion came from Jonathan Frappier, who mentioned that I should get an Anti-Fatigue Mat. I have not purchased one yet, but I am looking to get some soon. I’ve gone beyond the leg and heel soreness, but I know I can use one.

I am happy to say, I’ve been using my stand-up desk for about two months now, and I am enjoying it. I do need to work on my posture, I tend to lean on my desk or cross my legs to hold myself up. Maybe I’m just telling myself I need to sit for a bit. Either way, posture is crucial, and I need to get better at it. Yes, it does take some adjustments, but, eventually, I think it’s all worth it.

Do you have a stand-up desk? Considering buying one? Please let me know your thoughts on a stand-up desk on Twitter.